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The Home page is divided into three columns, while the rest of the pages have only one column. The top and bottom menus include tags for selection of website main sections and support functions.


The Home page gives access to the main sections of the website and includes links to new publications and releases, and information on saving, investment and insurance services. The Home page also has a list of quick links to the most frequently requested information on the website.

The website comprises six main sections:


The section provides information on significant legislation and access to the FIN-FSA standards as well as FIN-FSA interpretations.


The section provides information on supervision and administrative sanctions issued by FIN-FSA.

Authorisations and registration

The section provides information on prerequisites, application and granting of authorisation and information on registration as an insurance intermediary. Furthermore, the section covers information on notifications.


The section includes information on what various supervised entities have to report to the FIN-FSA. In addition, it provides access to reporting applications.


The section comprises all FIN-FSA statistics relating to securities and credit markets as well as to the insurance businessal.

Publications and press releases

All FIN-FSA publications and press releases will be published in this section. It also comprises corresponding archives of the two former authorities.

About us

The section provides general information on FIN-FSA, for example on its mission and organisation. It also provides access to lists of supervised entities.


At the top of every page there are links to the different language versions (Finnish/Swedish/English) and to the Contacts and Feedback pages.

At the bottom of every page, FIN-FSA contact information and links to the Disclaimer and About the site pages are provided.


Links within a page and links to other sections of the FIN-FSA website are opened in the same browser window. Links to attachment files as well as links to external websites are opened in a fresh browser window.


The pages of our website can be printed by means of Print page function or using the normal Print command of the web browser.

Copyrights and links to the website

According to the 1961 Copyright Act (404/1961) and later amendments, the copyright to the website information belongs to FIN-FSA or any other stated producer of the information. FIN-FSA reserves itself the copyright of the website and its contents unless otherwise stated in these particulars or on the website.

However, the copyright neither applies to acts and decrees nor to decisions and statements by authorities or other public bodies (section 9 of the Copyright Act). FIN-FSA is not responsible for any contents of third party websites.

Links to and quotations from the website are permitted according to the provisions of the Copyright Act, but the source must be given. Further distribution of appended files without permission outside the FIN-FSA website is prohibited. FIN-FSA cannot be held responsible for the reliability of the links to its own website or to the websites of the two former supervisory authorities.

This website contains photos purchased from the iStock.com photo bank for this specific purpose. FIN-FSA has the user right to the photos, but the photo bank and/or the photographer has all other rights to the photos depending on the situation. Thus links to individual photos are strictly prohibited.

Privacy statement

The FIN-FSA website is open to everyone and freely accessible without registration.

Technical requirements

Our website supports most modern web browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and later versions). We recommend a display resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed for viewing the pdf files on the website. The program can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.

Feedback and further information

FIN-FSA Communications is responsible for the website. The web editor-in-chief is Minna Söderholm. Questions, feedback and suggestions for developing the website can be either sent by the Feedback form or be e-mailed to finanssivalvonta(at)finanssivalvonta.fi.

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