If you suspect money laundering or terrorist financing

If you suspect money laundering or terrorist financing, report the suspicious or unusual business transaction to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Such a report must be filed without delay, to ensure that the funds are not transferred beyond the authorities’ reach. The Financial Intelligence Unit may also be contacted by telephone or e-mail.

A report on money laundering does not constitute a report of an offence, and does not call for knowledge of the nature or essential elements of the offence or penal code.

A suspicious business transaction may be discovered only afterwards. The reporting obligation also applies to these situations, and failure to report is a punishable act.

Reporting a suspected case of money laundering is an exception to secrecy obligation. A supervised entity is not made liable for financial damage incurred by customers, for instance, as a result of suspension or examination of a business transaction or filing of a report on the transaction to the Financial Intelligence Unit, provided that the supervised entity has proceeded with due care.

When to suspect and report?

The background of a business transaction needs to be clarified, for example, in the following situations:

  • The business transaction deviates from the ordinary in terms of its size or structure.
  • The business transaction has no apparent financial purpose.
  • The business transaction conflicts with the customer’s financial position or business activity.

A report to FIU must be filed at least in the following situations:

  • Un unusual business transaction appears suspicious even after clarification has been requested from the customer.
  • A suspicious business transaction is discovered afterwards or something turns up later that renders the business transaction suspicious.
  • The service provider carries out a suspicious business transaction, because refusal to do so would complicate examinations with regard to the beneficiary or the case.
  • The service provider refuses to carry out an unusual or suspicious business transaction.

Suspected money laundering activity can be reported via the web

Suspected money laundering activity can be reported using the website of
 Finland’s Financial Intelligence Unit

The report must be made in such a way that the Financial Intelligence Unit is able to judge whether a suspicious activity has taken place.

For instructions on the contents of money laundering reports, see Government Decree 616/2008 on the Prevention and Detection of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.

What is the Financial Intelligence Unit?

The Financial Intelligence Unit works under the aegis of the national Bureau of Investigations. It handles incoming reports on suspected money laundering and financing of terrorism. All information will remain strictly confidential. The Financial Intelligence Unit may also conduct a pre-trial investigation or submit the matter to the police for investigation.

Contact information

Finland's Financial Intelligence Unit
P.O. Box 285 (Jokiniemenkuja 4)
Tel. (switchboard): +358 71 878 0141
On-call service (8 am to 4 pm): +358 71 878 6822
Fax +358 71 878 6811
Email: krp-rahanpesu@krp.poliisi.fi


15 December 2015

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