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Lending and bank guarantees, past due and nonperforming assets


The FIN-FSA publishes statistics on deposit bank lending, bank guarantees and past due and nonperforming assets by sector on a quarterly basis. As of 6/2018, only total lending and nonperforming assets will be recorded by industrial category.

The definition of nonperforming assets is based on the Technical Standard on supervisory reporting on forbearance and non-performing exposures under article 99(4) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013, prepared by the European Banking Authority (EBA). An asset must be recorded as nonperforming where it involves exposures past due by more than 90 days or the debtor is assessed as unlikely to pay its credit obligations because of financial difficulties.

Supervised entities should report nonperforming assets in gross terms. The gross amount includes asset impairment losses related to the assets.
On its website, the FIN-FSA has provided monthly statistics on net nonperforming assets up to 12/2013 (impairment losses have been reduced). As a result of the change in definition, these net time-series statistics are no longer provided. Statistics on gross nonperforming assets started from 12/2014. The statistics will be provided quarterly.

Total lending includes the domestic banking sector and foreign credit institutions’ Finnish branches engaged in deposit bank activities.

Statistics based on the old definition are no longer updated.


Contact information

Torsten Groschup, Senior Risk Specialist​​, tel. +358 9 183  5333


5 November 2018

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