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Structure of FIN-FSA regulations and guidelines

The set of regulations and guidelines for the financial sector, and partly for the insurance sector, has been divided by subject areas. However, the regulations and guidelines for the insurance sector are mostly included in the set as a separate part. The regulation of operations of securities markets also forms a separate part. Special characteristics of the institutions are, if necessary, taken into account by subject area as well as in the set for the insurance sector and in individual regulations and guidelines.

Binding regulations and recommendatory guidelines on the same topic are issued in the same document, but as clearly distinguishable elements. The regulations and guidelines contain references not only to FIN-FSA’s own regulations and guidelines but also, if necessary, to relevant national and EU legislation and to binding technical standards and non-binding guidelines and recommendations issued by the European supervisory authorities (EBA, EIOPA and ESMA). If necessary, FIN-FSA may also issue separate guidelines of its own on these guidelines and recommendations.

The set of regulations and guidelines is divided by the following main sections:

  1. Commencement of activities
    • the section includes supervised entities’ authorisations, registrations and notifications
  2. Organisation of supervised entities’ operations
    • the section includes organisation of supervised entities’ internal governance, internal control and measures regarding prevention of money laundering
  3. Risk management 
    • the section deals with risk management and reporting by supervised entities in the financial sector
  4. Accounting, financial statements and management report
    • the section deals with supervised entities’ accounting, financial statements and management report
  5. Capital adequacy
    • the section deals with capital adequacy of supervised entities in the financial sector
  6. Code of conduct
    • the section deals with supervised entities’ marketing as well as their conduct of business in customer relationships and customer contracts
  7. Operations of securities markets
    • the section deals with issues related to securities markets, such as prospectuses, securities issuers’ disclosure obligation, the obligation to disclose major holdings, insider registers and transaction reporting
  8. Insurance operations (exluding commencement of activities, prevention of money laundering, audit, accounting and financial statements, code of conduct and public insider register of employee pension insurance companies)
  9. Miscellaneous regulations and guidelines
    • the section comprises regulations and guidelines that do not belong under any other section, such as regulations and guidelines on financial and insurance conglomerates and payment institutions

Regulations and guidelines by main sections

28 April 2015

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