LEI codes necessary for identification of companies 

FIN-FSA, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FFI) wish to remind companies of the obligation to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI code). Credit institutions reporting to FIN-FSA must obtain a LEI code before the end of 2014.
Joint press release of FIN-FSA, the PRH and the FFI (in Finnish)
FIN-FSA’s supervisory release of 27 November 2014 (in Finnish)

Capital position of banking and insurance sectors, 30 September 2014, and stress tests: Financial sector well-capitalised, but stress tests highlighted need to prepare for upcoming regulation in the life and non-life insurance sector  

According to end-September data published today by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA), the capital position of the Finnish banking and insurance sectors is still good.  The stress tests show that, overall, the Finnish banking sector and employee pension insurance companies could withstand an abrupt deterioration in the operating environment. However, the solvency reform of the life and non-life insurance sector require measures on the part of the companies.
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Single banking supervision started on 4 November 2014 

ECB’s single banking supervision was launched on 4 November. The banking supervision online services are available on www.bankingsupervision.europa.eu. Part of the information material and releases are available in all EU member state languages.
Read more on the subject at the banking supervision website The Single Supervisory Mechanism in brief (video, duration 2:48 min.)

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For financial customers 

Basic data on products and services available in financial markets is available at Financialcustomer.fi.

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 FIN-FSA warning lists

In case of problems, please contact:

  • The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (Bank, Insurance and Securities Complaint Boards)
  • Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
     Consumer advisory services
  • The FIN-FSA consumer helpline for users of banking, investment and insurance services Tuesdays, 9 to 10 am and Thursdays 2 to 3 pm.
    Tel. 0800-0-5099 (within Finland)
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To listed companies 

On the site for listed companies, we have gathered information on

  • the prospectus
  • the disclosure obligation
  • the obligation to disclose holdings 
  • the instructions concerning insiders

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