Register description

1. Controller

Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA)
P.O. Box 103
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting address: Mikonkatu 8 A
Tel. +358 10 831 51

2. Person in charge of registers or contact person

Maarit Lensu
Tel. +358 10 831 5558

3. Register name

The Register of Insurance Intermediaries

4. The purpose of processing personal data

Information on persons entitled to pursue insurance mediation is entered in the register.
Act on Insurance Mediation (570/2005), Section 5

5. Contents of the register

In accordance with Section 8 of the Act on Insurance Mediation, the following information is entered in the register:

  1. the full name, nationality, and place of residence of a natural person registered as an insurance intermediary, and the address of the place of business from which insurance mediation activities are pursued;
  2. the company name and domicile of the legal person registered as an insurance intermediary as well as the address of the place of business from which insurance mediation activities are pursued and the full name, nationality, and place of residence of the person responsible for the business;
  3. whether the insurance intermediary operates as an insurance broker or an insurance agent, whether the insurance mediation activities are pursued on a full‑time or a part‑time basis, and – if the insurance intermediary pursues insurance mediation on behalf of a legal person – the company name of the legal person;
  4. whether the insurance broker pursues insurance mediation in the field of life insurance, non‑life insurance, or both, and whether the insurance broker transmits money or other funds belonging to the customer or insurer;
  5. the name of the insurer that has granted liability insurance to the insurance intermediary, and the sum insured;
  6. the countries in which the insurance intermediary intends to pursue insurance mediation on the basis of the freedom of establishment and the freedom to provide service, and the insurance intermediary’s contact information in these countries;
  7. any requests or prohibitions imposed by the Financial Supervisory Authority on the insurance intermediary and reinforced with a conditional fine;
  8. the registration date as well as removal from the register and its date and cause.

A natural person’s date of birth and ID code and home address are entered in the register.

The names of those persons on which the Financial Supervisory Authority has imposed a prohibition with respect to pursuing insurance mediation without registration or a notification procedure related to the freedom of establishment are entered in the register. The day on which the prohibition was imposed is also entered in the register.

6. Regular sources of data

Insurance intermediaries’ own notifications and the decisions of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

7. Regular disclosures of data and the transfer of data outside of the EU or the EEA

Public data kept in electronic form can be freely observed by anyone. It is also possible to request an extract from the register, request information by phone or inspect the data at the Financial Supervisory Authority’s office.

Otherwise, the data is disclosed on request as specified in Section 13 and Section 16, Sub-section 3 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999). Confidential information is provided for viewing or disclosed only with the consent of the party concerned, upon request to the concerned party or on the basis of a legal right.

8. The principles of register protection

A. Manual material

Manual material is kept in the locked work room of the person in charge of the register as well as in the FIN-FSA’s archives and the FIN-FSA's Registry Office.

B. Electronic material

The register data may be edited only by Financial Supervisory Authority's employees who have been assigned this task. Other officials who need the register information for their work are entitled to view all the information in the register.




20 January 2011

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