Frequently asked questions

How are attachments delivered to FIN-FSA?

The attachment documents can be sent by email to vakuutusedustajat(at)

Should attachments be the original documents?

It is not necessary to send us the originals, nor do you need to send all the documents at once. However, the 21-day limit must be followed. Otherwise the application will be rejected.

Is the registration already ready?

The status of your registration can be followed on the public site: (in Finnish) or (in Swedish). The applicant will receive a notification by email, once the application has been approved.

How long is the processing period?

The average processing period of a registration application is one month. The processing will speed up if all required attachments have been duly delivered and are in proper order. FIN-FSA’s set of regulations and guidelines provides more information on the attachments. Insurance agents will be provided guidance on registration by the insurance companies they represent. The registration fee must also have been paid before registration can take place.

Can my application be accelerated?

Applications are handled in the order in which they arrive and each is handled in the same way as any other.

Were all the attachments required for the application included in the delivery?

If necessary, the applicant will be asked, by email, for further information, and told of any information that is missing or erroneous, as well as being given a time frame in which to correct the lack or faults.

Why is the insurance company I represent not listed on Netso?

This is a matter that needs to be taken up with the insurance company you deal with, as Netso1 is a system administered by the insurance companies.

1 Netso is an intermediary system for insurance companies, through which car companies and inspection centres can make check-ups on vehicles' comprehensive or third party insurance status using their own Internet server.

A business person establishes a company.  What needs to be done?

The company should be registered at:

A private entrepreneur establishes a sole trader business (toiminimi), what needs to be done?

As the insurance representatives' register doesn't include entries on sole traders, you don't need to do anything.

Should insurance representative or agency be listed as one of the activities of the company?

According to the Act on Insurance Mediation, the business activity should be mentioned in the business charter or founding documents, stating that the business has the right to practice within the insurance sector. Also, the definition in the founding documents of "all legal business activities" or a general business sector also qualifies.

I have finished my mediation or insurance agency activities, what should I do?

A free form, written letter informing FIN-FSA of the fact is enough. The announcement can be made, for example, by email to vakuutusedustajat(at)




20 July 2017

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