Supervision fees

Supervision fees are tax-type fees collected each calendar year from entities supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority and from other fee-paying entities, and are used to cover the costs arising from the activities of the Financial Supervisory Authority. The Act on the Supervision Fees of the Financial Supervisory Authority (879/2008) contains detailed provisions on the fee-paying entities and the basis of payment for each fee-paying entity’s supervision fee. The supervision fee is collected as either a fixed basic fee, as a proportional fee based on last adopted financial statements or as a combination of these.

Under the Act, the Financial Supervisory Authority must reduce supervision fees so that the amount collected as supervision fees, together with other income of the Financial Supervisory Authority, are not likely to exceed the expenses contained in the approved budget of the Financial Supervisory Authority. When assessing this excess, account must be taken of the surpluses or deficits of the previous accounting years. The Financial Supervisory Authority must reduce supervision fees by equal percentages for all fee-paying entities.

The supervision fee falls due on the date set by the Financial Supervisory Authority, but no sooner than the last day of June in the calendar year. The supervision fee is payable in a single instalment.

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